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New Liquid Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating

Coating Inflammable, insulates against water, protects against mould!

Our Services:

  • Insulation of frontage and inside walls without thermal bridge
  • Renovation and insulation of damaged or intact monument frontages
  • Insulation of any kind of building material (plasterboard, parquetry, glass, metal, etc.)
  • Deicing of rooftops and gutters of tall buildings
  • Thermal bridge exoneration of any kind of building, inside and outside
  • Insulation and corrosion protection of transport vehicles

TSM CERAMIC is a Hi-Tech new thermal insulation coating.

TSM CERAMIC is a liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating that is easily applied on any kind of surface.

  • Can be 30% more effective compared to traditional insulation
  • Has an extended lifetime (20 years guarantee)
  • Economical
  • Environmental friendly
  • Flexible, elastic
  • Anticorrosive

Do you have a question about TSM CERAMIC?

Please, contact us! Read on for the details!